BIOCON-CO2 is represented at BioTrans 2019

The BIOCON-CO2 project was represented at BioTrans 2019 from 7 – 11 July, 2019.

The BioTrans 2019 symposium showcased recent advances in biocatalysis research, covering various cutting edge topics in the field, from reprogramming synthetic biology and redesign of natural enzymes to development of new (chemo)enzymatic cascades and novel classes of artificial enzymes. The symposium included invited lectures from experimentalists and theoreticians, from both academia and industry. The invited speakers are all current or emerging leaders in their respective sub-fields, and bring together the interface between chemistry and biology. This symposium provided a great opportunity to raise awareness of the BIOCON-CO2 project and its achievements so far.

Annabel Serpico (Technical Coordinator of  BIOCON-CO2, Leitat) presented a poster on biotechnological processes for the high efficiency conversion of CO2 from industrial waste streams into high value products.

Simone Savino (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) presented on: BIOCON-CO2: from carbon dioxide to valuable chemicals.

Gregorio Alvaro Campos presented on: Fast cloning and production of dehydrogenases enzymes using a Glycine auxotrophic E.coli M15 strain.

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