BIOCON-CO2 Represented at 12th European Congress of Chemical Engineering

The BIOCON-CO2 project has been represented at the 12th European Congress of Chemical Engineering and the 5th European Congress of Applied Biotechnology. The theme of the conference was “Bridging Science with Technology: A Renaissance in Chemical Engineering.”

Leitat (Project Coordinator) attended the event. Laura Pérez Megías of the Leitat Technological Center gave an oral presentation titled “Improving CO2 Bioconversion Processes: Effect of Carbonic Anhydrase and a Fixed Bed Trickle Down System on gas solubilization,” covering work carried out through the BIOCON-CO2 project.

The conference took place from Sunday 15th to Thursday 19th September in Florence, Italy. ECCE12 and ECAB5 joint events were four day congresses with parallel sessions, plenary lectures and poster sessions. Some of the many topics covered included systems biotechnology and metabolic engineering, environmental biotechnology, bioreactor performance, energy and chemical engineering and multiphase systems.

Key speakers at the event included Scott Fogler, USA (Applications of Chemical Engineering to Upstream Engineering), Jurgen Pleiss, Gemany (Biocatalysis/Protein Enzyme Stability), Flavio Manenti, Italy (Perspectives for CO2 Utilization) and Inmaculada Ortiz, Spain (Separation challenges in the quest for sustainability).

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