BIOCON-CO2 Represented at the 8th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers

The BIOCON-CO2 Co2oling the Earth Summer School II: Focus on BIO-CCU has been postponed until September due to Covid-19. Due to Covid-19 the conference, which was due to take place in Cologne, Germany, instead took place online from 24th to 25th March. The conference was organised by nova-Institut and focused on carbon capture and utilisation and included topics such as ‘How to Utilise Carbon Dioxide to Enable Electrification of Fuels and Chemicals,’ ‘Solar Towers For Fuel Production from CO2 and Water,’ ‘Strategies for Integrating CO2 Capture with Utilisation’ and ‘Fossil-free Polycarbonate Polyols from Captured Carbon Dioxide and Renewable Hydrogen.’

Ana Lopez Contreras (Wageningen Food and Biobased Products) provided a presentation titled ‘BIOCON-CO2: Bioconversion of industrial CO2 effluents into commodities for chemicals and plastics.’ Ana’s presentation can be viewed here.

The conference website states that as of 1st May 2020 there were 160 participants from 20 countries. To find out more about the conference please visit: