BIOtechnological processes based on microbial platforms for the CONversion of CO2 from the iron and steel industry into commodities for chemicals and plastics

BIOCON-CO2 aims to develop and validate a platform of flexible and versatile techniques capable of using biological processes to transform raw CO2 waste from the iron, steel, cement and electric power industries into value-added chemicals and plastics.

Exploring novel biotechnological solutions, the project intends to generate new knowledge to develop commercially viable strategies for reducing Europe’s dependency on fossil fuel resources. This will lead to the increased sustainability of the chemical industry and provide support for European leadership in CO2 re-use technologies.

Over the coming months BIOCON-CO2 will present a series of webinars on Carbon Capture and Utilisation. These webinars will be free and open to all. Keep an eye out for updates on our website and Twitter account. Next webinar up is 'Engineering sustaining Bio-CCU: Solubilisation, reactor design, downstream' on 17th March 2022. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

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Register for the third BIOCON-CO2 Webinar today!

Next up in the BIOCON-CO2 webinar series is ‘Engineering Sustaining Bio-CCU’ on 17th March 2022 from 14:00 – 15:30 CET

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BIOCON-CO2 survey on: Public perception of chemicals and plastics produced using biotechnological processes

Our partners at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) are looking for experts in the fields of engineering, biotechnology, environmental sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, economics and policy making, who can participate in our survey on the future of and public acceptance of CO2-based chemicals and plastics that are produced using biotechnological processes.

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Free Webinars on Markets and Strategies for Renewable Chemicals and Materials

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